Book Cover: Bigfoot Behind The Bar

All I wanted to do was close out my shift, go home, and put up my feet. Then, Paul and Noah, my Bigfoot, showed up, and well I couldn't leave them out in the cold. Let's just say we got creative with the bar. I knew the kind of passion they could bring me. The sense of fulfillment, that was new. As was the proposal they had for me when we got back to Paul's house. They certainly could interrupt me at work anytime.

Note: This story continues the progression of my relationship with my Bigfoot and his best friend, though you don't need to read the previous stories to have fun with this one. This story features food play, voyeurism, and way too much fun at work. This story is brought to you as part of the Erotica Collective.

Publisher: Spicy Erotica Books